The GreenTec Barrier Mower is the perfect tool to mow under fence lines, livestock gates, crash barriers, or to mow close around solar panels, guard rails and trees in orchards. When clearance counts, the Barrier Mower RI 80 can clear as low as 4". The two strong updraft blades pull the grass in leaving a clean cut around your post.

Greentec Barrier Mower PRODUCT LINE

Barrier Mower RI 80

The GreenTec Barrier Mower comes with an adjustable spring loaded arm to allow fluid motion around all types of posts. With multiple mounting brackets available, it can be adapted to about any vehicle with the required hydraulic flow. It is a must have for livestock farms with a lot of fence to maintain or for contractors and municipalities mowing around guard rails or solar panels. Remove: *RI 80 requires 10.6 gallons per min to operate properly and can be mounted using a GreenTec Multicarrier or a three-point mounting bracket with mechanical offset.

  • Working Width: 31.5”
  • Number of Blades: 2
  • Weight: 132lbs