For sidewalk cleaning - pulls weeds out by the root - “environmentally friendly way to get rid of weeds”

Greentec Weed Clearing Brush PRODUCT LINE

GreenTec Weed Brush BR 70

The Weed Brush BR 70 effectively cleans sidewalks, roads, bike paths, and courtyards where there are tiles, asphalt or paving stones. The weed brush makes quick work of dirt, sludge, and weeds. The weed brush is perfect for municipalities or small/private businesses.

  • Strong Steel Bristles to ensure long life
  • 2’4” working width
  • Light Weight - 135 lbs

The Weed Brush only requires 6.6 gpm when combined with the 2302 HXF Multi Carrier making it a perfect tool for smaller vehicles to get in between those tight spaces.